APEXEXPO2018: Donghai Airlines and FTS in ‘landmark’ IFC agreement

FTS has signed an agreement with Donghai Airlines to equip the airline’s fleet with its XStream-SAT next generation in-flight broadband system.

The company called it a “landmark” agreement and said it will be the first fully ‘Connected Aircraft’ implementation in China to integrate both cockpit and passenger cabin applications over an in-flight broadband connectivity service.

Under the agreement, Donghai Airlines fleet will be installed with FTS XStream-SAT in-flight broadband connectivity system, featuring a Ka-band satcom sub-system and high-speed cabin wireless network.

Apart from cabin applications, passengers will be able to browse the internet, use social networks, watch live TV and shop on e-commerce sites on their own mobile devices.

Yang Jianhong, CEO of Donghai Airlines, said, “Our vision of ‘Connected Aircraft’ is not merely just Wi-Fi streaming IFE. With full integration of front and back cabin applications over in-flight broadband, we aspire to offer unparalleled passenger experience, improve air travel safety, efficiency and quality.”

“The seamless integration of the aircraft data network with the airline’s IT infrastructure enables the aircraft to become more intelligent and data-centric,” said Rich Salter, chief technology officer of FTS. “Airlines can provide precise support to flights through analysis of real-time data transmitted via the air-ground broadband network. By remote monitoring of flight systems’ performance and leveraging AI deep learning, airlines can even pre-emptively predict defects, recommend preventive measures and thereby greatly improve flight reliability.”

The airline operates a fleet of 18 Boeing 787-800s and flies to over 41 destinations.

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