APEXEXPO2018: Air Canada to benefit from IFE IQ

Air Canada is set to benefit from the launch of Spafax IQ: a data analytics platform that gives airlines insight on what content passengers are engaging with.

Using software developed by Spafax, Spafax IQ will provide Air Canada’s entertainment and product teams with a set of dashboards showing category and item performance, media and advertising performance and cost per engagement. The software will also provide Air Canada with a customised “IQ Index” that assesses content performance against its unique key performance indicators and content strategy.

While Spafax and Air Canada will be pulling from multiple data streams in their analysis – including Google Trends and Air Canada’s proprietary data – all data sets are stripped of all passenger identifying information and no customer information such as names, preferences, frequent flyer status is accessible or provided.

Kevin Birchmore, director sales, technical products and solutions at Spafax, said: “Many airlines receive data from several sources, in varying formats and complexity and, as a result, analysis can be a tedious and manual process. We wanted to empower our clients and provide them with a tool that would give them one view of their passenger engagement across all IFEC systems.”

Future releases of Spafax IQ for Air Canada will feature a predictive performance algorithm that can estimate content performance even before Box Office data is available.

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