APEXEXPO2018: Immfly extends offering with Immfly Lounge

Immfly is extending its offering to the airport with Immfly Lounge, helping to entertain passengers on the ground while they wait for a flight.

“Combining the in-flight entertainment platform with the in-airport platform that offers the same entertainment content will allow customers to browse and select content before the flight for watching it later,” said Jimmy von Korff Martinez, co-founder of Immfly. “In the same way it will allow them to start watching a movie while waiting to board and continue watching the same movie in-flight, or to book or buy an activity on their final destination, which means passengers will benefit from a seamless experience and content consumption before and during the flight.”

The company says it will provide the chance to improve the customer experience at the airport through entertainment and services, while also providing a new opportunity for ancillary revenues such as seat upgrades or activities at the destination.

Immfly suggested that while many airlines are utilising their digital channels and capabilities to provide more personalised communication with customers at most touch points, there are still gaps in the digital journey. “The biggest digital gap is the day of the flight, ‘the moment of truth’ for NPS (Net Promoter Score), the phase that most affects customer perception of the whole experience.”

The company said that its wireless digital platform will enable the airline to expand the digital relationship with its customers from the airport, during and post-flight.

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