APEXEPXO2018: Gore announces rugged cable jacket systems

W. L. Gore & Associates has announced the availability of its extremely rugged cable jacket systems in smaller, lighter-weight constructions.

Engineered with a “revolutionary” fluoropolymer fibre material, GORE High Abrasion Jacket System is more robust without sacrificing size, weight or electrical performance. This new cable jacket system is extremely abrasion-resistant and proven to meet more stringent requirements such as EN3475-503. It eliminates the need for additional protective sleeving now required for cables installed in cockpit and cabin seats.

GORE Cable Protection Systems are built with crush- and abrasion-resistant materials that also provide a high level of strength and protection. Within these systems, copper and fibre can float freely without getting damaged in harsh conditions, such as complex routing and extreme temperature changes. Gore’s cable protection systems are also bend-limiting, allowing installers to route copper and fibre without exceeding the minimum bend radius, which eliminates over-bending, breakage, and failure.

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