APEX2011: Qatar Airways equips A350XWB fleet with OnAir connectivity

Qatar Airways is set to install OnAir’s full cabin communications suite on the carrier’s entire fleet of A350XWB due to come into service in 2013.

The installation is in addition to OnAir’s services already onboard Qatar Airways’s A320 and B787 fleets.
“OnAir’s services are the first to be selected as linefit by an A350 operator. It marks a continuation of our strategy to have our services available as a linefit option across Airbus and Boeing aircraft, as well as other aircraft types,” commented Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir.
“We always seek to provide our passengers with service levels that exceed their expectations. As a Five Star airline, we invest in the latest technologies to further enhance our passengers’ experience,” declared Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer, Akbar Al Baker. “Onboard passenger communications means both mobile phone and the Internet should be available, everywhere in the world and the OnAir solution goes a long step towards ensuring we maintain consistency on our different aircraft.”
OnAir’s satellite-based service allow passengers to use their mobile devices for calls, text messaging, email and mobile data, as well as providing inflight Internet access. It works in exactly the same way as international roaming with usage costs being billed by the passenger’s home network operator in the regular bill.
“Mobile phones play an integral part in our lives and we want the choice to stay in touch all the time. Soon, using our phones on the plane will be as normal as having a cup of coffee and this deal with Qatar Airways demonstrates how close that day is,” added Dawkins.

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