APEX2011: Emirates for Airshow 3D Moving Map system

Emirates Airline has opted for Rockwell Collins Airshow 4200D 3D Moving Map system for over 140 of its aircraft, including 62 new wide-body Airbus and Boeing aircraft currently being delivered.

“The magnitude of Emirates’ Airshow 4200D selection signifies the continued market-leading capability and innovation of the Airshow platform,” declared Rockwell Collins’s vice president and managing director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EuMEA), Claude Alber. “This selection is another example of how Emirates persistently pushes its creative envelope, and we are pleased to continue our long-term commitment to informing and entertaining their passengers.”
“Emirates has been an Airshow customer for almost 25 years and has installed it on 100 percent of our fleet,” commented Patrick Brannelly, vice president of Passenger Communications and Visual Services for Emirates. “The Airshow channels onboard are extremely popular with passengers, and the latest evolution of this product line adds even more excitement to that experience. We are already working with Rockwell Collins on further developments and enhancements as we believe the Airshow map product is the industry gold standard.”
Rockwell Collins’s enhanced Airshow 4200D 3D Moving Map system includes a new graphical design that utilises NASA’s Blue Marble map data, based on actual satellite imagery to provide a modernised view of real-time flight information to passengers. New capabilities offer extensive features and performance enhancements delivering 3D graphical realism. Additional features include: a global map package that provides major improvements in detail and coverage worldwide; innovative time and flight status displays; realistic day and night views on all 3D maps, and a head-up display view designed to offer a pilot’s-eye perspective of the flight.
Additionally, airlines can deliver custom, branded content through the Airshow 4200D system including on-screen aircraft livery, promotional videos, safety briefings, and passenger greetings. Also, as the 4200D features hands-free dynamic scripting, route-specific content can be pre-programmed to increase airlines efficiencies and further enhance the passenger’s in-flight experience.

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