APEX TV Market: Hyper-experience could form heart of IFE of the future

Forget FaceTime and Skype, having a real time face to face conversation with your five year old daughter when you’re 30,000ft above and 5,000 miles away from her is set to be even easier in future.So says James Reikuo Chu (pictured) – industrial designer, branding strategist & educator, for the California based Art Center College of Design. In his keynote speech for Wednesday’s annual APEX TV Market conference, the forward thinking expert outlined his vision for the in-flight entertainment (IFE) of 2024, which will centre around “Hyperexperience” (HPXIFE). He said that in today’s world, consumers are becoming content curators, and pushing for a more individualised experience. Businesses have quickly learned that “customisation” is an important influencing factor in purchases made by their customers. These trends will continue to thrive, and many industries will morph into a future-state of hyper-personalisation. Passengers will expect to be recognised as individuals with unique needs and wants that need unique tangible and intangible solutions.He pointed to technologies available today on the market, citing the “critical disruption point that creates a new value network, such as personalised greetings and messages.” Consumers can now buy anything from a personal 3D printer from office stores for less than US$ 500 and print their own clothes, to customisable fruit juices, chocolate bars and eyeglasses.Many companies are now working on emotion gesture metrics that analyse emotions from facial decoding and body gesture response metrics. In ten years time a traveller could board an aircraft and the flight attendant could scan him with a sensor. This would then offer him a selection of IFE content based on his current mental and physical state. For example, this could trigger an HD holographic display of his daughter to activate in front of him. HPX is possible with smart data analysis, and would be “intuitive not intrusive,” said Chu. “Like your own personal butler. No products would be forced on you – more options to enhance your mood and help you get out of negative or anxious state of mind.”He added that HPX would be an increasingly disruptive technology, following its user throughout a journey, so active on the land or the sea, “it would refine and push one’s individualism.”Liz Moscrop, Inflight / Inflight-Online.comDublin

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