APEX TV Market: Geotainment has future mapped out

The moving map is to become an even more vital part of airline in-flight entertainment (IFE) content offerings as Dave Pook, director, applications for Thales Avionics and Ian Walberg (pictured), CEO of Airborne Interactive outlined the technologies available today – and how they have changed from even just a few short years ago.

Pook said, “Today maps offer full motion rotation, as well as dipping and tilting. They are activated by gesture control, or multi touch interactive navigation.”

He added, “They enhance the exploration factor of a flight,” suggesting that carriers could integrate poll data, as well as pictures and weather information. This could then proliferate on to other devices, or even act as a way to enhance learning for children. Thales is now offering audio narration about flyover locations, along with interesting stories.

Walberg said that the timeline of places flown over could help with “journey management, as well as offer the possibility for revenue generation,” i.e. in the form of concierge services for sightseeing tours etc.

He said, “Content and context is king with map technology. We are connected to content in a different way than we are with other content.” He pointed out that most seats do not have a window and that awareness of location can be comforting for passengers, who can connect to their journey and the reason why they are travelling.

For those with a window, he said, “Maps offer more detailed information, which is interesting. We offer a guide to the earth – not a travel guide.” He concluded, “Flight is magical and the earth is amazing.”

Liz Moscrop, Inflight / Inflight-Online.com


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