APEX TV Market: Cat-chy content will always rule

Social media drives much of today’s content choices, and is taking its place in airline IFE offerings, notably on Virgin America.

Indeed, online video has moved from being known purely for short form viral clips to professionally produced episodic content with hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. View counts, shares and likes are universally understood currencies, which easily signal standout content to anyone – regardless of the content’s production cost, the amount of advertising or the number of traditional “big names” featured. The most popular clip of all time was the 2012 hit song “Gangnam Style,” which garnered two billion watchers and spawned countless parodies.

tWhat makes a hit viral video? AJ Frank, new business development manager for YouTube wishes he had the secret. “If I know that I’d quit my job and become a consultant,” Frank laughed.

Frank, and Dominik Sanya, global marketing partnerships manager for YouTube reckon that although YouTube’s ‘sweet spot’ users in the 18-35 age bracket do not form the vast majority of airline passengers, they will do so in the future.

“So it is worth watching what they are choosing,” said Sanya. With more than 100 hours of content uploaded every day –YouTube has become a force to be reckoned with.

He added, “This is a new audience that realised it can watch video when it likes, and create its own content. There are already several major young stars with their own channels and fanbases.”

The older demographic of today is not immune to YouTube’s charms, so in terms of curating content for the air, Frank added, “Airlines know their own passengers, what they like, their habits, the frequencies they travel. They also know about the shift in the way information is shared.”

Frank’s personal favourite is Nyan cat, which has offshoots of a real cat watching Nyan cat. Which in turn has spawned a real cat another real cat watching Nyan cat. You get the picture…

Liz Moscrop, Inflight / Inflight-Online.com


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