APEX Australasia Conference: Qantas aims for connected customer experience

Qantas is focusing on new technology on the ground and in the air to improve the customer experience and develop a connected experience.

New technology is delivering the opportunity to redefine airline service, said Trudy Storey, Qantas manager of in-flight programming, pointing to its automated check-in and bag drop, Q Streaming IFE and Red iPad-based service app, for example.
The airline is placing a lot of focus on its new Red service app, which was developed with Intelligent Pathways, and has been rolled out across its global service teams. Onboard service managers now have access in-flight to a wealth of information on their passengers, including information on demographics, frequent flier status, travel plans, preferences, special meals and requirements.

The airline is starting to roll-out Red to its ground teams and in the next 12 months will focus on developing ground apps to connect with what is available in-flight, said Kylie Morris, head of customer strategy development. “It’s a real connection tool,” said Morris, with the airline aiming to develop an “eco-system of connection” around the passenger.
Qantas recently announced a A$2 billion cost reduction programme on the back of a before tax loss of A$252 million for the first half year. “No matter what we do, we have to continually invest in service. It [the loss] accelerates the need even further,” said Morris.
Qantas’ customer satisfaction is higher than it’s ever been and “we need to make sure the service experience remains strong and doesn’t waiver”, Morris adds.Emma Kelly, Inflight / Inflight-Online.comSydney

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