APEX Australasia Conference: digEcor readies for GLIDE service

IFE system manufacturer digEcor expects its new embedded IFE system GLIDE to enter service with US charter airline Air Transport International next month.
Laurie Barns, president Asia-Pacific and vice-president global sales told Inflight at the APEX Australasia regional conference, in Sydney, Australia this week, that the programme is in the final stage of supplemental type certification. ATI is installing GLIDE on four Boeing 757s.
The manufacturer is talking to other airlines regarding the system, he adds. Meanwhile, digEcor, which was purchased last year by Australian company Total Aviation Solutions, is developing a next-generation product line of portable devices. The NV series – ranging from an 8 inch screen up to 22 inches – will have significant improvements in weight, capability and capacity compared with its existing portable line-up. The new series will be available from the third or fourth quarter, says Barns.
In a new venture, digEcor has teamed up with fellow Australian company Intelligent Pathways to promote the software solution provider’s Engage in-flight passenger engagement product.
Engage is currently being rolled by Qantas as the Red service app, with the airline’s customer service managers onboard having iPads loaded with Red, providing them with information on passenger preferences, travel information and other details that can be used to improve the passenger’s journey.
digEcor is taking the product to the broader global airline market and is talking to several airlines, with announcements expected by the end of April.Emma Kelly, Inflight / Inflight-Online.comSydney

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