APEX 2016: Lufthansa Systems presents new modules for BoardConnect

Lufthansa Systems is now offering customers new modules for its in-flight entertainment platform, BoardConnect, including a new sound ‘Virtual Sound’ experience and moving map.

The Virtual Sound module is the result of Lufthansa Systems’ work with various technology partners. It aims to simulate a surround sound experience regardless of the type of headphones passengers use while watching content on their personal electronic devices.

Elsewhere, a new moving map gives passengers a 3D rather than a 2D perspective, as well as allowing them to switch between a window view and the cockpit view, the latter of which shows the landscape from the pilots? perspective.

“Airlines are constantly striving to make the passenger experience even more pleasant and varied,” averred Norbert Müller, SVP BoardConnect, Lufthansa Systems. “We are therefore interested in continually expanding the range of entertainment and service options offered by our BoardConnect platform.”

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