APEX 2016: Air Dolomiti and Neos to deploy Media Box

Two Italian airlines, Air Dolomiti and Neos, have become the latest to sign up for Media Carrier’s Media Box solution, which offers passengers access to a web-based digital media library before and during their flights.

“We are delighted that more and more airlines recognise the outstanding advantages of our Media Box and integrate it into their digital processes,” averred says Philipp Jacke, Media Carrier’s managing director. “But in addition to the obvious benefits, such as a comprehensive range of magazines and newspapers as well as savings in terms of logistics and kerosene, the Media Box also scores as a ‘contact module’ to the customer. Brand presence and customer loyalty can be significantly reinforced through continuous access to the airline’s service world.”

Air Dolomiti’s passengers will have access to the Media Box via the Air Dolomiti website from three days before their flight. They can choose their preferred titles from a range of 100 national and international newspapers and magazines, and download them as a PDF file. All content can then be browsed offline easily during the flight. The next step is to integrate the Media Box into Air Dolomiti’s IFE app.

Passengers flying on a Boeing 767 with Neos fleet can use the airline’s entertainment app, which they can download ahead of the flight, to access the airline’s wireless in-flight entertainment system on-board. In addition to Media Carrier’s e-paper library, this will also give them access to games, movies or music.

For Neos passengers, the content – which is predominantly Italian newspapers and magazines – of the entertainment app is available without restriction during the flight.

With these two new airline contracts, Media Carrier’s service is being used by ten airlines, and can therefore be accessed by over 100 million passengers each year.

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