APEX 2015: Panasonic Avionics enters strategic partnership with SoundChip

Soundchip SA is to license its audio technology to Panasonic Avionics as the result of a new partnership between the two companies with the aim of co-developing a range of in-flight audio products.

Mark Donaldson, Soundchip’s CEO, explained, “Soundchip and Panasonic Avionics share an ambitious vision for the future of in-flight audio. We have co-developed break-through products such as Panasonic HD Audio and continue to invest in solutions that offer the airline passenger an in-flight audio experience second-to-none. It is a natural and important evolution of our working relationship that we forge closer ties and we are thrilled to announce Panasonic as a technology licensee and a strategic partner for the inflight audio market.”

“Soundchip is a unique and innovative company that delivers unparalleled, rich audio solutions. We believe that Soundchip’s unique solutions will improve our in-flight entertainment offerings and enable our customers to provide enhanced travel experiences to their passengers,” added Paul Margis, president and CEO, Panasonic Avionics.

Panasonic HD Audio (pictured) was the result of a collaboration between the two companies in 2014 and boasts features including hybrid noise cancelling, 3D surround sound, open-ear talk-through and VoiP calling.

Alexander Preston, editor, Inflight / Inflight-Online.com
APEX, Portland, Oregon

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