APEX 2015: GEE feeds appetite for in-flight reading

Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) has announced two new content agreements that appeals to bibliophiles of all ages.

Under an agreement with Cupcake Digital young passengers will have access to more than 80 digital children’s books and audio book experiences created from modern classics such as Strawberry Shortcake and The Smurfs as well as big screen adaptations like How to Train Your Dragon and Rio. Content can be viewed via the airline’s in-seat entertainment systems using GEE’s AIRREAD service or on their own personal electronic device (PED) via the GEE AIRTIME portal. Airlines can purchase GEE’s “Children’s Read-Aloud Books by Cupcake Digital” app for in-seat use or they can choose from 80+ storybooks and select content for their wireless IFE.

AIRREAD is an in-flight entertainment (IFE) digital electronic reader, currently featured on more than 850 aircraft globally, AIRREAD enables passengers to access a library of reading content, including magazines, newspapers, books and audio books. Global Eagle Entertainment delivers partnership between GEE and Cupcake Digital helps to ensure that there are great inflight entertainment choices for passengers of all ages.

In another announcement, multichannel magazine content distributor, Zinio will add more than 3,000 global magazine titles in over 50 languages to the GEE catalogue of over 7,000 digital books and newspapers. The content is available in tailored regional and route-specific lineups, based on passenger preferences and destinations, on airline seatback systems via GEE’s AIRREAD service or on passenger smartphones and tablets through the GEE AIRTIME portal.

Zinio’s inflight entertainment licensing agreement adds the world’s largest digital newsstand to the GEE content library including magazine titles such as Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Esquire, Condé Nast Traveler and National Geographic.

Alex Preston, editor, Inflight/Inflight-Online.com
APEX EXPO, Portland, Oregon

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