APEX 2015: GEE aims to enhance IFE content and improve PaxEx with new global agreements

Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) has announced a series of partnerships which will offer airline passengers new travel and music experiences.

In an agreement with travel publisher Lonely Planet, more than 30 of its Pocket guides from around the world made are to be made available to passengers. Featuring destination cities, travel tips and local knowledge, airlines will be able to purchase the guides for in-seat and wireless entertainment systems.
“This new partnership between Lonely Planet and Global Eagle Entertainment offers up an exciting opportunity for airlines to enhance their overall experience for passengers, who can now brush up on the sights and attractions awaiting them at the end of their flight,” explained Alexis Steinman, senior vice president of digital media solutions for GEE. “These Lonely Planet travel destination guides will be accessible on airline in-flight entertainment systems [IFE] and on passengers’ own devices served by GEE. It is must-have content for airlines dedicated to a great passenger experience.”
Tom Hall, editorial director, Lonely Planet added, “It is a great opportunity for Lonely Planet to be able to offer our travel expertise where and when it’s needed most – at the fingertips of air travellers on the go.” APEX EXPO was also used to announce a global licensing agreement with Sony Music Entertainment – its first licensing pact with an in-flight entertainment content service provider.
Under the agreement, airlines can choose from GEE’s custom playlists of Sony Music content from labels including Columbia, Epic, RCA, Masterworks, Legacy, Sony Music Nashville tailored to a broad range of travel destinations. GEE will also have the ability to offer opportunities to create new in-flight music services via its IFE connectivity platforms, including interactive radio experiences, passenger generated playlist features and on-demand music from Sony Music artists.
Ten regional and global airlines have already committed to provide Sony Music choices on their flights.“We are happy to be partnering with Global Eagle to make our catalogue available to its leading global network of airline passengers,” said Mark Piibe, executive vice president, global business development and digital strategy, Sony Music Entertainment. “This agreement gives millions of airline travellers who want more music as part of their passenger experience access to many of the most popular and beloved songs of today and of all time.”
Dave Davis, CEO of Global Eagle Entertainment commented, “GEE is constantly exploring new ways to take inflight entertainment to the next level, and we’ve just done that by adding Sony Music to our IFE content platform. This milestone agreement between Sony Music and GEE represents a key element in our next generation IFE offerings, and opens the door to exciting opportunities that are sure to further elevate the passenger experience.”

tAlex Preston, editor, Inflight /Inflight-Online.comtAPEX EXPO, Portland, Oregon

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