APEX 2015: Astronics debuts AeroShield low drag radome

Astronics Corporation (Astronics) has revealed its new AeroShield low drag radome and composite adapter plate technology, created by wholly-owned subsidiaries Astronics AeroSat and Armstrong Aerospace, at the APEX EXPO in Portland, Oregon.
The AeroShield radome has been designed with an aerodynamic shape to reduce drag, thereby improving fuel-burn savings. It also meets FAA safety requirements regarding hardiness against bird-strikes.
The company’s complementary composite adapter plate decreases weight by 78% over traditional metal designs while simplifying and standardising the installation of connectivity systems. It also delivers commonality and interchangeability across entire fleets, making for easy de-modification during end-of-lease restoration.
Both new products are ARINC 791 compliant, with Astronics hoping the designs will help to eliminate costly SATCOM installations, simplify aircraft maintenance inspections and reduce system life-cycle costs.
Stephanie Taylor, editorial assistant, Inflight / Inflight-Online.com
APEX EXPO, Portland, Oregon

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