APEX 2014: Rockwell Collins’ hits APEX for first time fully integrated with ARINC

Rockwell Collins is demonstrating several enhancements it's made to ARINC's Cabin Connect product offering at APEX 2014, which include streaming TV, voice and text services for passengers.The company also recently signed on as a GX Aviation Value Added Reseller, and will use Inmarsat’s latest generation Ka-broadband service to provide the new capabilities to aviation customers worldwide.Cabin Connect will take advantage of GX Aviation’s increased bandwidth and high-speed connectivity to offer real-time TV and TV-on-demand. The service will enable passengers to access live news, sports or popular events like the Academy Awards while in-flight, just as they enjoy on the ground.Rockwell Collins is also launching a new capability that enables passengers to use mobile phones to send and receive SMS text messages and, where approved by aviation authorities, make voice calls over the internet while in-flight. For airlines, in addition to providing value-added services, the application will eliminate the need for a separate on-board cell phone network, saving money and time, as well as removing the extra weight associated with the hardware typically used with an on-board Wi-Fi network.“Our knowledge of how communications platforms work, combined with our systems integration expertise, enables Rockwell Collins to create solutions that meet the specific needs of our global aviation customers,” said Michael DiGeorge, vice president of international and global airports for Rockwell Collins. “Expanding our capabilities via a high-speed service will provide airlines and their customers with new services designed to meet the ever-growing demand for accessing information and in-flight entertainment.”In addition to greater passenger connectivity, Rockwell Collins is also leveraging its information management capabilities to offer new tools to enhance airline efficiency. A new dashboard feature will allow an airline to monitor a wide variety of system-critical elements, from when an aircraft pushes back from the gate, to what percentage of the fleet is flying to which cabin applications and services are being utilized.The new capabilities are currently in development and expected to be available to coincide with the introduction of GX services on a global basis by the end of the first half of 2015.

Liz Moscrop, Inflight / Inflight-Online.com
Anaheim, USA

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