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APEX 2014: Relaxor massages sales figures

Kevin Huawei is relaxing on the job – but then again he is meant to. The sales manager for Relaxor is at APEX promoting the latest iteration of its massage technology for premium airline seats.Offering massage with air, lumbar support, heating and cooling, the next generation seat also times its pulses to beats in music and soundtracks of films, providing a truly immersive experience.The qualified FAA system can be easily installed into any airline seat, according to the company. Huawei says, “While using only about 5W it can use any type of power.” The models are available in either 12VDC or 115VAC 400Hz. Additionally the company offers power systems to incorporate 28?35VDC and 115VAC at the Airbus variable frequency.Our massage system interfaces with the aircraft´s IFE system, using either RS232 or RS485. Weighing in at is 1.1 pounds for the RS485 model, it also offers options to manage the operation of 12 massage transducers working in pairs to provide 6 zones. The RS232 model is about 1.3 pounds and can manage 10 transducers or 5 zones of comfort. Each transducer weighs about .25 pounds.Having tested the seat once at the show, the Inflight team felt it necessary to go back to trial it again (and again) to ensure they had not missed any of its super comfortable attributes…

Liz Moscrop, Inflight / Inflight-Online.com
Anaheim, USA

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