APEX 2014: Panasonic introduces NFC for aircraft cabins

Panasonic Avionics Corporation is introducing EMV-compliant Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology in its in-flight entertainment (IFE) system in the summer of 2015.

Neil James executivedirector ofcorporatesales &productmanagementexplained, "Thelongesttouchpointanairline has is throughitsonboard experiencewith the passengers duringthe journey.

He added that theH.265standard is nowsupported inthelatestiteration of the iPhone.“PEDsareavirtualvalue driverfor airlines. People have theirtrusted devices. We have unveiled the new technology to studios and developers to work togetherwith us.”

From next year, passengers and crew will be able to use NFC-enabled smart phones and cards in-flight in many unique ways including:


  • ttHigh value transactions and purchases
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  • ttSynchronisation of personal data to create just-for-me experiences
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  • ttRecognition of a passenger’s Frequent Flyer status via NFC card or phone, giving access to benefits or promotions, such as free Wi-Fi for Gold members
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  • ttEnabling crew to check in and out for duty using NFC
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  • ttPairing of NFC-enabled devices with the embedded IFEC system, allowing airlines to push information to passengers during their flight

According toPanasonic, analysts expect there to be huge growth in the use of NFC-enabled phones, with 200 million phones already in circulation capable of offering mobile payments. This prediction was reinforced by the recent announcement that the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will use NFC for their new Apple Pay service.

Research has shown that 70 per cent of airline passengers take smart phones on board and it is estimated that by 2016 55 per cent of smart phones will be NFC-enabled. All the top 50 mobile carriers globally are committed to NFC contactless payment.

Jamesalso pointed out that the company has built the world’s largest aviation MRO with 32,000 turns per month via 65 maintenance stations and eight repair shops.

Liz Moscrop,Inflight/Inflight-Online.com
Anaheim, USA

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