APEX 2014: PAL makes even better friends with OnAir

Philippine Airlines (PAL) has announced plans to add OnAir's full wireless in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) package to all of its long-range aircraft.

PAL will install wireless IFE on five A330s which already benefit from OnAir's connectivity service. The company's full IFEC package will also be deployedon six of the airline's A340s.

PAL’s B777-300ER aircraft are also equipped with Mobile OnAir and Internet OnAir.
“Through PAL’s branded inAir offerings, passengers can now select from an array of movies, television programs and music thus enabling them to customise their inflight entertainment," said PAL's presidentRamon Ang. "Adding OnAir Play to more aircraft was an easy decision. While we are very much aware that we are breaking new ground by not having traditional embedded IFE on the brand new A330s, there is no question that wireless IFE is working for our passengers.”Passengers can now use their own devices to connect to the Internet, check email, text messages and voicemail, update social media, and choose from a wide selection of on-demand content.OnAir Play, introduced onboard PAL in May this year, is a low-cost, flexible upgrade from OnAir’s connectivity products. Airlines can brand OnAir products to ensure consistency across the complete passenger experience.PAL is also adding OnAir Plug, a dedicated secure channel augmenting the carrier’s MRO capability by offering real time uploads to electronic flight bags, plus maintenance alerts to ground staff.

Liz Moscrop, Inflight / Inflight-Online.com
Anaheim, USA

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