APEX 2014: Inflight Television debuts full product demonstration

Holland’s In?ight Television International (iTV) is demonstrating the full capabilities of its products for the first time in the US at APEX 2014.CEO Mark Janssen says, “As IFE technology gets more and more complicated, it is even more dif?cult for airlines and their service providers to manage late load or even daily content. During the APEX show we will prove that IFE equipment can handle daily content. We will produce daily world news and deliver that to seven hardware suppliers in the exhibit hall.”The suppliers are: digEcor, InFlight Entertainment Products, Donica Aviation Engineering, TEAC, Lufthansa Systems, Project Lambda / Jet Pack, and DMD Phantom / Bluebox Avionics.Janssen added that such consistent refreshment of content is a complex process and several hardware providers have been unable to deliver it immediately on systems installation. ITV works with both suppliers and airlines to provide daily and late load content.

Liz Moscrop,Inflight / Inflight-Online.com
Anaheim, USA

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