APEX 2013: Thales and Inmarsat sign Memorandum of Agreement

Thales and Inmarsat have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to add Thales as a partner in marketing Inmarsat’s connectivity solutions to the commercial aviation market.

Under the MOA, SwiftBroadband and GX Aviation are the primary and preferred satellite services for Thales’s industry-leading TopSeries IFEC system. Thales will work with Inmarsat and its Value Added Resellers to deliver the full breadth of GSM and Internet services to airlines and their passengers.

Commenting on this strategic direction, Dominique Giannoni, CEO of Thales’s In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC), said: “In today’s world, passengers are no longer prepared to remain out of communications for the duration of a whole flight and it is up to global organisations, such as Thales and Inmarsat, to ensure that airlines are able to provide customers with fast, reliable and above all, safe connectivity.

"In addition, this communications channel will allow access to larger amounts of content from the Thales TopSeries IFEC system and/or the passengers’ own devices. The ultimate aim of this agreement is to achieve today in the airline market, what network operators and mobile phone manufacturers achieved a decade ago by making passengers and systems connected anytime, anywhere.”

In-flight connectivity is fast becoming a very important aspect of the passenger experience and, increasingly, it is being demanded by airlines. The partnership between Thales and Inmarsat, leaders in their respective fields of equipment integration and network provision, ensures commercial aviation has the very best IFEC solution available.

“Inmarsat invests billions of dollars in delivering high-speed mobile satellite services. As a result, SwiftBroadband and GX Aviation complement each other perfectly, covering the full range of airlines’ connectivity needs both now and in the future,” said Miranda Mills, President, Aviation, Inmarsat.

“We already provide satcom solutions to more than 15,000 aircraft. Working with Thales, we will extend our reach further, bringing the benefits of our scalable global networks to more and more airlines around the world.”

Steve Nichols, Inflight / Inflight-Online.com
Anaheim, CA, USA

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