APEX 2013: Rockwell Collins PAVES the way for system sustainability

Rockwell Collins is demonstrating built in sustainability in the latest variant of its new scalable Programmable Audio Video Entertainment System (PAVES) on-demand system at the show.

Principal marketing manager, cabin systems Jerry Thomas is explains that the customisable cabin configurations are built with new technologies in mind. He says, “I hate the term ‘future proofing,’ but we’ve really tried to think through how our technology can cater for new software in future.”

In premium cabins, for example, the latest version of the wireless system offers built in redundancy with in two power systems from the seat a screen that is easily removable by the flight attendants (unions allowing). The removable tablet is equipped with two audio jacks, designed for passenger breakages, and the capability to add more jacks, e.g. for impending NFC technology applications.

Thomas adds, “It is also possible to switch the screen as greater resolutions become the norm, without having to replace the entire unit.”

The PAVES on demand system offers airlines the choice of a variety of overhead and in-seat monitor combinations throughout the aircraft. The range builds upon the company’s previous PAVES and dPAVES systems, which are installed on more than 2,000 aircraft.

PAVES On-demand can provide in-seat AVOD via HD touchscreen displays, while PAVES Broadcast is the company’s overhead video and in-seat audio system. The company can offer a wireless IFE solution as well.

Rockwell Collins also produces one of the most popular moving map products in the game. Thomas says, “We are adding new concepts to our Airshow product, giving it more functionality. We can’t wait to show its on-demand evolution, and how it looks on different screens.”

The company is also offering a new customer portal that allows customers to upload their own non-digitally rights managed (DRM) content, such as news and advertising, saving time and costs.

Liz Moscrop, Inflight / Inflight-Online.com
Anaheim, CA, USA

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