APEX 2013: OnAir Play brings more content to the passenger

The new OnAir Play solution, launched at the Airline Passenger Experience Expo in Anaheim, USA, brings films, TV, live news, music, games, magazines and newspaper content to passengers.

OnAir Play, which works with Inmarsat's SwiftBroadband inflight connectivity solution, brings a full range of content to their seat, including news and sport, which is updated throughout the flight. Passengers can also buy destination-based goods and services before the aircraft touches down.

Passengers connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot to enjoy a wide range of entertainment features and the system is compatible with all device types, regardless of brand, screen size and operating system. OnAir’s onboard GSM and Wi-Fi networks mean passengers can also tweet, email, send text messages, browse the Internet and make calls.

Ian Dawkins, OnAir Chief Executive, said: “OnAir Play marks the start of a new era in how we spend our time during the flight. On the ground the way we watch TV and films or listen to music has changed to an on-demand mentality.

"OnAir Play can even provide passengers with regularly-refreshed, time-sensitive content, such as news and sport. We want to tell people about what we’re doing, through social media, email, text messages and even talking to them. Why should it be different when we fly?”

Dawkins added: “Passengers are familiar with their own device and have all the apps they are used to, including a screen whose quality is often better than those on the back of seats. OnAir Play lets airlines provide passengers with the entertainment and connectivity options they want.”

OnAir says that IFE is now a viable option for short-haul and regional operators, with passenger service differentiation and revenue generating opportunities, such as the sale of content and advertising opportunities. The OnAir Play solution was developed in conjunction with inflight entertainment expert Advanced Inflight Alliance AG (AIA) and its software group DTI, through its Wireless Inflight Services and Entertainment.

It provides full video-on demand capability with secured wireless Digital Rights Management (DRM) streaming approved by major studios through content specialist IFP.

OnAir play is currently being trialled with All Nippon Airways and should enter full service very soon.

Steve Nichols, Inflight / Inflight-Online.com
Anaheim, CA, USA

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