APEX 2013: KID-Systeme forecasts rising demand for inflight USB power supplies

KID-Systeme, which supplies electronic cabin systems for passenger and corporate aircraft, is forecasting increased demand for inflight USB power supplies as the use of passengers’ own personal electronic devices accelerates.Peter Schetschine, vice president Customer Affairs, KID-Systeme, says, “Mobile device subscriptions will outnumber the world’s population by 2015. With more and more passengers expecting instant access to their personal electronic devices everywhere they go, now is the time for airlines to tap into this opportunity by providing USB power on board all their aircraft.”KID-Systeme offers an advanced onboard USB power system through its SKYpower aircraft in-seat power and cabin power management technology. Schetschine adds, “We are excellently placed to observe changing passenger behaviour, and we believe the ‘bring your own device’ trend will significantly impact inflight media consumption in the coming years.”SKYpower is designed to guarantee airline passengers sufficient power to use their personal electronic devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets, while in flight. The SKYpower USB package is suitable for every plug with a USB interface. SKYpower USB operates with low power consumption and is a lighter SKYpower option, passing on cost-savings to the airline.The SKYpower combined package enables passenger airlines to offer both AC- and USB-power, allowing for fast and simultaneous recharging of multiple devices.KID Systeme also offers a commentary range of wireless content distribution systems – SKYfi. Both SKYpower and SKYfi are multi-fleet products and can be installed by supplemental type certificate (STC) on all major commercial aircraft.Liz Moscrop,Inflight / Inflight-Online.comAnaheim, CA, USA

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