APEX 2013: Gogo offers insight into customer demographics

Ash Eldifrawi (pictured), Gogo's EVP/Chief Commercial Officer, shared the company's data on its typical airborne connectivity user.

In five years Gogo has delivered 40 million internet sessions for passengers, delivering about 50,000 sessions a day to 2,000 aircraft. It regularly surveys its customers and also offers 24/7 real-time chats to help with technical issues – it then follows these up afterwards to see how their experience has gone.

Eldifrawi said that its prime customer is what it calls the "productive passenger" – typically a business traveller, a road warrior who thinks that time is money. They can't afford to be without connectivity.

Gogo also appeals to the "constant connector" – a younger person who is online 24/7, probably on more than one device. They have the highest expectation of a good service and are very likely to let the world know if they are not happy.

Eldifrawi said that 68% of its users are likely to be business travellers, but overall there are more users in economy than business class. Forty-five per cent of Gogo customers agreed with the statement: "There is rarely an hour of my life that goes by where I don't touch the Internet."

Personal electronic devices are proliferating and the smartphone and tablet are overtaking the laptop in terms of use inflight. But at the moment laptop users are currently more likely to buy the service.

"What people do in the air is not that different to what they do on the ground," Eldifrawi said.

Inflight internet is also becoming a driver for why passengers choose one airline over another. One in four travellers have switched their preferred airline to get connectivity. It also gives passengers a more enjoyable travel experience, helping airlines give a greater customer experience and building a deeper, richer engagement with the brand, he concluded.

Steve Nichols, Inflight / Inflight-Online.com
Anaheim, CA, USA

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