ANA to increase IFE content by 40%

From February, All Nippon Airways (ANA) will update the content on its in-flight entertainment (IFE) system to offer a total of 351 channels across 13 languages, in a response to the airline’s growing number of international passengers.
These channels will include 52 film channels showing a variety of Hollywood blockbusters, special features and other films from around the world. There will also be 142 video channels available, covering a wide range of content including original ANA broadcasts, popular television series, sports, music, and children's programmes. Audio will take up 148 channels, giving the passenger a selection of music as well as traditional Japanese comedic performances and other entertainment and, finally, the airline will also provide 9 gaming channels.
70% of this overall content will be available in languages other than Japanese, with the introduction of new programming representing a 40% increase in content in comparison to March 2014 and a 400% increase on the airline’s IFE offering back in 2009.
ANA, the only Japanese airline to receive a five star rating from SKYTRAX, claims these changes will make its IFE system the most comprehensive in Japan.

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