ANA introduces Takeoff Mode app for nervous fliers

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has created an app named ‘Takeoff mode’ to distract nervous fliers during take-off and landing.
The airline claims that 72% of people feel anxious during air travel, with research suggesting the best way to combat this anxiety is by engaging with music, games and puzzles.
Now mobile devices are cleared for use during all phases of flight, ANA has created the Takeoff app to help passengers relax in-flight. It reacts to the passengers movement, with a demonstration video on ANA’s website showing passengers moving a ball to the highlighted square on a grid by tilting their phone in various directions.
The app also detects when a plane is taking off and responds in real time, whilst playing a soothing soundscape. Downloadable from the app store, ANA hopes Takeoff Mode will ‘take your mind off take-off.’

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