AMES helping with radome repair support

Aerostructures Middle East Services (AMES) has confirmed that five airlines are benefitting from its radome repair solutions, aimed at operators throughout the Middle East and Indian Peninsula.

To date, AMES has repaired 14 radomes in total at its Dubai facility: nine for Airbus A320 Family aircraft and five for Boeing 737s.

The radome repair work was made possible by AMES’ investment in a large-scale, three-meter diameter autoclave – which expands its ability to handle a wide range of aerostructure components. This resource is backed by the expertise of AMES’ two parent companies: Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M), and Safran Nacelles.

“With AFI KLM E&M’s long experience in radome maintenance, cutting-edge engineering equipment and dual operational and engineering know-how, AMES can deliver high-level repair services for radomes and other large-size composite parts,” said AMES general manager Thierry Baud.

Alexandre Mule, co-general manager at AMES, added, “This marks a new step forward in AMES development history, and it benefits from the extensive composite repair skills developed on jet engine nacelles by Safran Nacelles – bringing the expertise that comes from a nacelle system OEM.”

AMES’ repair capacity enables it to expand its services for Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 and Boeing Next-Generation 737 radome repairs to additional customers, while also expanding to other radomes on other aircraft types in the future.

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