ALTO Aviation unveils ALTO Acapella DZ-290

ALTO Aviation has debuted a new FAA-approved cabin audio amplifier, ALTO Acapella DZ-290, to upgrade new or legacy systems with outstanding sound.
The DZ-290 audio system can be controlled through an ALTO keypad, an existing legacy switch panel or optional software. It features chimes control for NS and FSB ordinance connections and was designed to minimise disruption to existing wiring. DZ-290 offers internal 4 source selection as well as volume and mute control.
ALTO Aviation says a unique feature of the amplifier is its ability to interface directly with speaker level outputs from a PA-AV Unit. Featuring an integrated 4 channel amplifier with over 160 W of power, it’s configured to bypass the existing PA/IFE amp. The DZ-290 amplifier interfaces directly to the Audio International RS-485 databus for control of the ALTO amp.
This interface allows former Audio International equipment to remain in the aircraft and may provide obsolescence support for legacy Audio International and Baker systems.

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