Alliance Airlines launches digEplayer L7 IFE on select flights

Australian charter operator Alliance Airlines has chosen to provide digEcor’s digEplayer L7 in-flight entertainment (IFE) product on select routes.“Key to selection was digEcor’s affordability and ability to respond to our project timeline,” explained Russell Bryant, general manager of Alliance Airlines.The digEplayer L7 platform, which is a self?contained, portable hand-held video on demand device featuring a 7” touchscreen display, will provide Alliance Airlines passengers flying on Fokker F100 and F70 aircraft access to a wide range of both regional and global content. The product is available on a rental basis under flexible contracts.digEcor refers to digEplayer L7 as ‘ruggedly beautiful IFE’, claiming to have tested it against ‘repeated drops, soda, a cement mixer and even gunfire.’ It has up to 18-hours of battery life per charge, is LED back-lit and contains a hard drive which can store up to 120GB of memory.“We have been working closely with the team at Alliance Airlines to assemble a solution that best fits their unique requirements,” remarked Laurie Barns, digEcor’s president in the Asia Pacific region. “We’re committed to upholding Alliance Airlines’ standard of excellence and delivering an exceptional IFE option to their passengers.”

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