AIX2015: VT Miltope receives Inflight award for Innovation in Commercial Airline Cabins

Markus Gilges (pictured left), director business development for VT Miltope, received Inflight's prestigious Innovation in Commercial Cabins Award for their groundbreaking Cognitive Hotspot Technology, the nMAP2 Multifunction Access Point (MAP).
The award was presented by Mark Howells (pictured right), publisher of Inflight, on VT Miltope's booth at this year's Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.“We’re hugely proud of the nMAP2,” said Robert Guidetti, VP commercial products for VT Miltope. “It’s ideally sorted for the smaller jets, we reduced the installation costs and weight and you now have a nice compact design above and beyond the original nMAP. Now you have a fully integrated product, that’s the novel part about it. Working with our applications partner, Aoifes, receiving recognition for the nMAP2 means a great deal to us.”VT Miltope was announced winner of the award in February during the Inflight Awards Middle East ceremony held in Dubai.

Piers Townley, Inflight /

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