AIX2011: OnAir selects Aeroconseil to install GSM and Wi-Fi for SIA B777s

OnAir and Aeroconseil are to begin fitting, in the coming months, 19 B777 aircraft from Singapore Airlines’s (SIA) fleet with onboard GSM and Wi-Fi technology.

Aeroconseil will cover the engineering and certification aspects of the changes with OnAir providing equipment and the connectivity services to passengers mobile devices.
The project responds to the ambition of Singapore Airlines to offer a range of innovative services for maximum connectivity and, therefore, an extensive gateway to the outside world while travelling aboard its aircraft. The technology provided by OnAir leverages Inmarsat SBB services.
“OnAir is delighted to work with Aeroconseil, which has an established reputationin the design and certification of inflight connectivity STCs. It is clear airlinepassengers increasingly expect to be able to use their mobile devices for calls,texting, emails and mobile data during flights,” commented Ian Dawkins, Chief Executive Officer of OnAir. “A seamless transition is growing between how we stay in touch in a taxi, on the train, at the airport and on the plane. As OnAir’s customer base expands to help airlines meet those passenger demands, we will continue to partner with expert specialists such as Aeroconseil."
Owing to its DOA (Design Organisation Approval) status, which means it can provide support up to certification of the modifications, Aeroconseil has established itself as a reference partner for the leading providers of in-flight communications services.
"This contract acknowledges our ability to position ourselves at the forefront for new systems. Building on our proven skills in engineering and our expertise in certification, we are able to cater for even the most complex and innovative changes with strong implications for the aircraft environment." declared Stéphane Bollon, Sales Director for Air Transport activity at Aeroconseil.

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