AIX2011: Ethiopian Airlines opts for second-generation dPAVES IFE

Ethiopian Airlines has selected Rockwell Collin’s second-generation dPAVES high definition (HD) digital Overhead Audio/Video IFE system for ten 737-800 aircraft delivering with the Boeing Sky Interior (BSI) option.

Ethiopian Airlines is the first airline in East Africa to select the dPAVES IFE offering. Rockwell Collins claims that the airline will realise significant reductions in head-end space required, weight, power and maintenance costs with the new product, compared to previous systems.
The second generation dPAVES single-aisle IFE system includes a High Definition Media Server (HDMS) providing an industry high 720p video quality to 12” 16×9 HD capable overhead screens integrated into the new larger BSI bag bins. The system also features a 12” touch screen entertainment control panel and USB ports for easier content/data updating.
The HDMS offers 160 gigabytes of solid state digital audio and video storage capability, integrated pre-recorded announcements and music (PRAM) functionality with embedded Airshow moving map, all in a single 4 Modular Concept Unit (MCU), electronics bay-mounted box. The large storage capability of the HDMS allows multiple pre-scripted play periods of entertainment content to be pre-stored on the server, for automatic changeover when the new play period begins.
The newest generation of dPAVES provides passengers with a much wider range of information and entertainment content than previous overhead system offerings. Additionally, airlines have the option to update non-encrypted content themselves or through Rockwell Collins Content Services Group. This choice gives airlines flexibility to add time sensitive content at a moment’s notice, anywhere in the world.

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