AIX2010: TriaGnoSys data compression makes calls cheaper

AIRCRAFT INTERIORS 2010: The VoCeM system from TriaGnoSys, which compresses data on voice calls, thus reducing cost, has made its Hamburg debut.

VoCeM reduces the bit-rate on calls using VOIP (voice-over-internet protocol), GSM and 3G. The smaller data packages – for example, a GSM rate can be reduced from 29 kb/s to around 5.5 kb/s – mean less bandwidth used, so the cost of each call comes down. It also leaves more space on the system for other users.

VoCeM can be applied to both L-band and Ku-band systems and has been chosen by Thales as an intergral part of the next generation TopSeries system which also debuted at the show. So far VoCeM has been applied to business aircraft, but the selection by Thales will promote use by airlines.

The VoCeM system gave TriaGnoSys a finallist place in the IFE section of the Crystal Cabin Awards announced at the show.

Bernie Baldwin, editor, Inflight Online/Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/

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