AIX2010: Thales reveals next generation TopSeries

AIRCRAFT INTERIORS 2010: Thales has officially introduced the newest and most advanced version of its TopSeries IFE platform.

The system, according to the company, “embraces best in class technologies and industrial design making it a high performance, weight efficient, visually attractive product. The digital head-end requires less space with fewer servers each storing more than 1 TB of data. At the seat, passenger screens sizes will range up to 32 inches with high definition capability and fast processing power”.

A key element of the next generation system is the new 12.1 inch display integrated into a stylised economy class seat. The system also includes a touchscreen passenger control unit, which Thales believes unlike any other controller “enriches the flying experience by enabling passengers to link to personalised onboard services”.

“We are very excited by the launch of this new product. Our technical and marketing teams have really come up with an outstanding solution for airlines and their passengers,” declared Alan Pellegrini, vice-president and general manager of Thales’s in-flight entertainment systems business.

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