AIX2010: CTT puts Cair in the air on 1st Lufthansa A380

AIRCRAFT INTERIORS 2010: CTT’s Cair cabin humidification system is now in full airline revenue service for the first time followiing the delivery to Lufthansa of the carrier’s first Airbus A380.

Cair is being utilised in the first class section offering a higher cabin humidity of around 25% relative humidity, which increases the comfort and wellbeing of the passengers. It will improve sleep, reduce jetlag, reduce tiredness and alleviate dehydration of the eyes, skin and linings of the mouth and nose.

“This is an important day, not only for CTT but also for airline passengers, as we are confident that this is the beginning of a new era in premium class cabins,” commented Torbjörn Johansson, president of CTT Systems. “Dryness in aircraft cabins and the negative effects it causes to the human body is a known fact among airlines and frequent travellers. We have been providing the Cair system to large VIP aircraft for several years and it has been so much appreciated that our system is now requested by almost every new VIP aircraft completion. With the introduction of Cair in Lufthansa’s A380 and also being available as an option on the A350, we expect the airlines and their passengers to appreciate the benefits of the system in the same way as VIP aircraft customers do.”

The Cair system is based on evaporative cooling technology. The dual-purpose system increases cabin humidity to 20-25% relative humidity, compared to 5-10% otherwise in a first class environment, due to the few number of passengers in the premium sections.

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