AIX: Super First Class debuted by ACJC

tAirbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC), has unveiled a new concept – the Super First Class by ACJC – designed to provide the finest first class customised“Treat your first class passengers as VIP’s, we make it happen” promises Joël Frugier, General Manager of ACJC.ttAboard widebody aircrafts, ACJC (Airbus Corporate Jet Centre) can evolve fully private first class mini-suites to create 'cosy life-space' that ensure comfort and intimacy, while enabling service to highest standards.ttWith state-of-the art seat, dedicated storages, and a full connected area, the passenger enjoys a unique experience in the sky, as well as the option of sharing their space with a guest.ttThe latest TV technologies (HD screen, online streaming video and real time TV), are complemented by mood lighting creating, while a high level of soundproofing enhances the cocoon feature.ttThe suite is also equipped with the latest innovative in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems, including internet access and online audio and video streaming.t

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