AIX: STG Aerospace debuts saf-Tglo blu

STG Aerospace claims to be showcasing the world’s first blue-glowing photoluminescent floor path marking system, saf-Tglo blu, at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.Based on the technology behind the company’s original saf-Tglo photoluminescent range, the patented design of saf-Tglo blu shifts from the traditional green glow to a blue glow to enhance the cabin aesthetics without compromising passenger safety.Part of the STG Aerospace’s SuperSeal UltraLite range, saf-Tglo blu meets the same critical regulatory performance standards as all saf-Tglo systems and similarly requires no power source as it is fully charged by the cabin lighting within minutes.Nigel Duncan, STG Aerospace’s CEO, commented, “saf-Tglo is the photoluminescent floor path marking system of choice for almost every major aircraft OEM and over 300 airlines around the world. saf-Tglo blu is a great example of how STG Aerospace continues to invest in product development and beautifully bridges the gap between critical safety performance and cabin aesthetics. Since 1995, we have led the field in the development of photoluminescent aircraft lighting – offering the best-in-class solution in terms of performance, design and through-life costs.”

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