AIX: Rockwell unveils virtual training sim for PAVES IFE

Rockwell Collins has introduced a new virtual training simulator for its PAVES seat-centric and overhead in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems.The interactive computer-based training simulates a wide variety of scenarios to help cabin and maintenance crews become proficient at operating PAVES IFE systems without having to purchase extra equipment or schedule time on an aircraft.As trainees use the simulator, it instantly shows resulting changes to the entertainment control panel, in-seat monitors and broadcast monitors. The simulator also indicates changes to audio coming from control panel headphones, in-seat headphones and cabin speakers.An airline that takes delivery of a PAVES IFE system now also receives a customised virtual training simulator with the same configuration and branding as the actual on-board IFE system. “Our PAVES IFE training solution goes beyond a simple ‘how-to’ tutorial and provides airlines with a more effective training environment for ensuring crews are prepared for any situation,” declared Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager of flight controls and information systems for Rockwell Collins.

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