AIX: PXCom partners with IMM International

PXCom, which generates ancillary revenue through destination-related advertising as part of its interactive local guides, has partnered with IMM International to further boost airline revenue opportunities.The partnership will enable any brand to roll-out a digital in-flight advertising campaign, regardless of the IFE platform. The advertisers select their campaign’s features, and IMM/PXCom platforms redirect the right ads on the right targets. “IMM brings the advertisers, their expectations and a strong mobile and web advertising experience to reach the travellers. Thanks to that, we have started to connect our platform with a couple of IFEs, for every stakeholder’s benefit,” announced Cyril JEAN, PXCom’s CEO. “We work with the airlines and IFE manufacturers, in the assets definition, in order to get the right balance between PaxEx and expected revenues. Then we connect to the IFE, and open a new revenue stream for the airline.”“Our expertise lies in supporting brands in their multi-channel campaigns aiming at reaching the traveller, including digital,” continued Nicolas Devos, IMM’s CEO. “This encompasses pre- and post-flight. The partnership with PXCom brings now the missing piece of the puzzle: the digital in-flight advertising.”

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