AIX: Malaysia Airlines launches STG’s latest saf-Tsign product

Malaysia Airlines has become the launch customer for STG Aerospace’s latest saf-Tsign product, a new self-adhesive, photoluminescent decal designed to subtly illuminate the AC outlet unit on airline seats, which was successfully installed across the carrier’s fleet of A380 aircraft earlier this year.
The new solution will enable passengers to find the AC outlet unit during low light or dark conditions. The decal can be customised to any size or shape, making it suitable for other applications on the seat such as headphone sockets and seat numbers. With a charging time of 5 to 45 minutes, depending on cabin light levels, STG states the sign will deliver up to 14 hours of light output.
Marcus Williams, STG Aerospace’s director of global sales and marketing, declared, “This is a great example of our commitment to the ongoing development of a truly innovative, holistic and cost effective cabin lighting product range. The STG Aerospace R&D team are continuously looking for ways to expand our product range to solve customer problems and improve the passenger experience. saf-Tsign continues to be the number one choice for cabin signage for numerous OEMs and airlines worldwide.”

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