AIX: Heroic themes

If thinking outside the box and working together were the themes of the morning session, the dedicated breakout streams afforded delegates and speakers alike the opportunity to dive further into some the topic only touched upon previously.tGaren Moreno of BMW Group DesignWorks introduced us to the ageing traveller. Senior is not sexy he argued, experienced is. This generation of passenger has massive purchasing power, and for them travel is not a luxury it is a necessity. They are driven by values, rejecting brands that don’t meet their high standards. A tough but worthwhile demographic to attract in the right way for airlines.ttGEE’s Duncan Abell and Alexis Steinman went big with their insights into content. Technology is driving big content – movies, TV programmes etc with over the top providers now reducing their catalogues in favour of prioritising quality over quantity.ttJust as with power comes great responsibility, so too with greater choice comes greater fragmentation from platforms to products. Delivering content that is both relevant and personal is the holy grail for airlines – airlines have to understand their passengers – behaviour, taste, preferences etc.ttOne way of engaging with passengers is to develop fans – hero ambassadors. Whilst the likes of Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston will have Hollywood cache, developing a loyal fan base of returning customers who can recommend an airline is a valuable tool which need not break the bank. They are the true everyday heroes.t

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