AIX: GEE unveils Entice W-IFE

Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) has launched a new wireless in-flight entertainment (W-IFE) platform, Entice, which is powered by the company’s Airtime solution.
Entice is short for ‘Entertainment, Information, Communication and E-Commerce’. Alexis Steinman, GEE’s SVP digital media solutions, explained, “We provide the hardware, the software and the content services and bundle it into a monthly recurring charge per aircraft. All of the substantial upfront fees involved with purchasing hardware and sourcing and encoding a very large amount of content – we take all those on.
“Our prime market is aircraft that are not equipped with W-IFE. We’re trying to grow the footprint of IFE. I think the hardware is there, in terms of robustness and price competitiveness today, but we’re trying to break down the paralysis in going ahead,” Steinman continued. “At the education sessions on Monday, one of the speakers said airlines who are paralysed by the decision process end up a year later without having made a decision, and then another year and so on, because they’re scared to commit to one path or another. We feel Entice is going to be a low commitment first step. If in year one, year two or year four, the customer is ready for connectivity, we have Ku-band and Ka-band – it’s just an add-on of hardware. From a relative standpoint it’s a low commitment but quickly you get high value service and its definitely future-proof.”
GEE has designed Entice to offer up to 10,000 hours of content featuring films, TV, games, music and advertising from around the world. Premium upgrade options include new release titles, digital publications, near-live news and sports, and destination information.
However, this content is delivered in a personalised manner thanks to intelligent user profiling which provides relevant content recommendations and a more seamless experience from flight to flight. The company says through using Entice, airlines can gain valuable insight with comprehensive usage reporting and analytics, enabling more targeted advertisements and offers.
Steinman confirmed, “We’ve already had lot of discussions in different contexts with seatback operators; airlines that have no IFE; airlines that have wireless IFE; and airlines that have connectivity. They all understand the concept and have a desire for it.”

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