AIX: GEE develops Airconnect Global Ka-band high-speed antenna

Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) has developed a new antenna in partnership with QEST to add Ka-band capability to the current Airconnect Global antenna platform.
GEE announced the development of its next generation Airconnect Global Ku antenna in 2015. The expansion adds Ka-band compatibility to the core antenna architecture, with target certification for Ka-band capability in early 2017.
“We're excited to announce the development programme of our new Airconnect Global Ka solution,” explained Aditya Chatterjee, SVP of connectivity systems and CTO of GEE. “Our Ka-band antenna extends our technology leadership in in-flight connectivity and shares core architecture with our proven Ku-band platform, reducing time to market and certification complexity. This streamlines operations and line support for our customers.”
By offering Ku- and Ka- band capability on a single antenna platform, GEE's open architecture will allow customers to select the most efficient satellite solution for global flight operations. The design of the Airconnect Global Ka antenna is compatible with GEE's current installation architecture and Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs), and meets the requirements for future linefit installations.
“A common Ku- and Ka-band antenna platform is part of our long-term vision of providing airlines fast, cost-efficient, broadband Internet access around the globe,” continued Dave Davis, CEO of GEE.

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