AIX Americas 2012: Avianor showcases VIP seat for hockey players

Avianor’s stand features its de-luxe seat as fitted to the aircraft Air Canada uses to transport players from the country’s National Hockey League.The fully-electric seats feature breathable Italian leather and polished wood inserts. Also featured are super-size cup holders, designed to take a full half litre cup, as favoured by the hockey players after a game!Avianor co-owner Earl Diamond (pictured with Avianor’s Virginia Taborda) says that Air Canada flies half of all the teams taking part in the NHL, using its Jetz premier charter aviation service.Air Canada has completely re-configured five of its Airbus A320 aircraft for Jetz to offer up to 60 passengers the very best in terms of comfort and facilities.Steve Nichols, Inflight / Inflight-Online.comSeattle, USA

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