AIX Americas 2012: AES showcases low-energy lighting power supplies

AES Aircraft Elektro is keen to show visitors from Boeing its low-energy LED cabin lighting power supplies.With the aircraft giant just up the road it is an ideal opportunity for the Bremen, Germany-based company to demonstrate its new generation of switched-mode power supplies, which operate at about 90% efficiency.Rolf Bellman (pictured), from AES’s technical sales and marketing team, said: “In the past we have been working with Airbus, but we are keen to attract Boeing as a new customer and this show is ideal.”The power supplies normally run on the 150V aircraft supply, at between 380-800Hz AC as found on new aircraft like the Boeing 787, Airbus 380 and 350.At around half the weight of an existing power supply, the new power supplies are a straight swap with the same form factor. At the show Rolf had connected the demonstration models to the show’s main 110v power sockets and they were working just fine.Providing from 30-140W, Rolf says that the thermal efficiency is much improved over older supplies, so helping to reduce heat build-up on the aircraft.Steve Nichols, Inflight / Inflight-Online.comSeattle, USA

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