AIX: Air France selects Zii’s RAVE IFE for A330 retrofit

Air France has decided to retrofit its 15-strong Airbus A330 fleet with Zodiac Inflight Innovations’ RAVE Centric in-flight entertainment (IFE) system alongside Zodiac Aerospace seats in all classes.
Pierre-Olivier Kerbec from Air France stated, “Air France has watched RAVE and Zodiac Inflight Innovations grow over these past years and has noticed RAVE has caught up with its competition. RAVE Centric provides all of the expected features that a premium carrier expects from an IFE system and is backed by the creative and responsive team at Zodiac Inflight Innovations. We can hardly wait to experience RAVE on our A330s.”
The RAVE Centric IFE offers passengers on-demand movies, TV shows, music, radio and a moving map amongst other features. Personal electronic devices can be paired with the seat-back screen, so passengers can use their PEDs for interaction with the seatback display. The solution also includes an integrated USB charger and AC power outlets.
“The world’s leading airlines are selecting Zodiac Inflight Innovations solutions, which shows how much momentum we now have,” declared Larry Girard, EVP at Zii. “Airlines love RAVE Centric IFE because it is reliable, with a significant cost savings over traditional and is highly easy to maintain. RAVE Centric is very easy both to install and for the cabin crew and passengers alike to use.
“RAVE Centric is an embedded modular IFE system,” continued Girard. “It provides airlines with a wide range of choices for different cabins including screen size, passenger control units and we are constantly staying on top if not ahead of the latest trends. Uniquely, each seat is independent, so a failure – and they are very rare – in one seat will not impact another. More importantly, our dockable seat display means the crew can quickly replace the seat display during the flight.”

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