AIX 2018: GKN Fokker sniffs out new solution

GKN Fokker has launched a new cabin scent product in co-operation with cosmetics brand Rituals aimed at improving the passenger experience.

The companies unveiled the product during Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg. The companies have joined forces to help create a “pleasant and relaxing atmosphere” that improves the passenger experience and mood on board the aircraft. The cabin scent solution will see Ritual’s scents used in the cabin during boarding and flight.

Mareijn Willems, business development manager at GKN Fokker Services, said: “Aircraft operators and OEMs value the importance of a positive passenger experience and are always seeking new ways to continuously improve this experience and make flights as comfortable as possible. It is the reason why, for example, features such as the quality of the cabin interior and connectivity are so important.

“Whilst more and more marketing managers are seeing the value of a recognisable scent in many places, such as stores, hotels and airports, the aircraft cabin is still an uncharted domain for scent marketing managers. Creating a friendly atmosphere by use of scents is something GKN Fokker wants to add as an available option and we are pleased to have found a partner in Rituals to offer the market this new product, which we believe will successfully fill this niche.”

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